Eight* Infusionsoft Chiropractic Campaigns to Take Your Practice to the Next Level

…if that is where you want to go...!


Eight Infusionsoft ready made pre-configured email campaign templates to get you up and running in no time flat*, Chiropractic Marketing Automation has never this easy! 

You NOW will have the ability to reach more patients and jump start your new patient referrals with these specifically engineered campaigns.

Eight Pre-Configured Infusionsoft Campaigns for Your Chiropractic Practice

A $4,500 Value Included with Our Infusionsoft Managed Plan

New Patient Get to Know Us Indoctrination Campaign
Short and consecutive emails designed to impress your new clients with your staff and services.


Automated Birthday WOW Campaign
A completely automated birthday campaign to WOW you clients every year!


Flash Sale Campaign (Your ATM Campaign)
Have a product or affiliate service, a completely customized and pre-configured Flash Sale camping ready to deploy.


Build Referrals Campaign
Build referrals fast and easy with the click of the mouse camping where your current clients help YOU build a business!


Niche 1: Current Patient Campaigns
Keep current patients in the ‘loop’ and informed with pertinent information and health topics


Niche 2: Current Patient Campaigns:
Keep current patients in the ‘loop’ and informed with pertinent information and health topics.


A Complete Monthly Newsletter Campaign
Best way to stay in touch with current and past clients is with a monthly newsletter ongoing campaign.


Holiday Campaign
A pre-configured holiday campaign to send a personalized greeting or message for each or any predetermined holiday.



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Lifecycle Marketing refers to marketing and sales campaigns that address your customer's needs and requirements as they evolve over time.

Infusionsoft is a Customer Relations Management (CRM) program that keeps track of every interaction with each contact record.  I simple terms, it tracks ever open and click and lets you know who is hot and ready for the next step and if not, adds more water and keeps them on simmer…

Email marketing automation is about setting it up once, and allowing your emails and campaign to go out in a predetermined pattern or dates.  Emails go out personalized for each patient and niche you may have; they nurture your contacts and warm up your leads.

 A Birthday campaign is a classic example. An email goes out to your database once they are opted in and simply asks them for their birth date, if you do not already have it entered, and on their birthday will send them an AUTOMATED email congratulating them and whishing them well on their birthday, you can even include a redeemable coupon as a birthday gift, all AUTOMATED! It will happen every year, year after year.

Truly automated marketed marketing hands off

The above can even be extended to family and friends as referral by your own clients

Read more about the 7 Steps in Lifecyle Marketing 

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