"We Will Double...Or Even Triple...Your Sales Using Facebook Over the Next Year"

Do you want me to turn Facebook into a lead-generating machine for your business?

Ruben Santiago

Facebook Advertising Expert

Hi, my name is Ruben Santiago, my team and  I will help you build a Facebook lead-generating machine for your business. We personally used Facebook to help grow businesses from budgets as small as $500/month.

You DON'T have to spend a million  dollars a month to see results, but you DO have to spend.  Facebook IS the TRAFFIC STORE! We will help you define and target your audience. Your Facebook marketing will be laser focused - now that costs money, but its money well spent! No more HOPE marketing!

Give us a call, let's chat, its FREE! Lets talk about your current strategy and lets imagine what it could be like...

Does it seem like EVERYONE is getting new clients and making money on Facebook -- are you?

I'm sure you've heard about people making a TON of money on Facebook.

And if you're not, you're missing out...

Facebook currently has over 1.6 billion active users, and it's estimated that people check their Facebook accounts on average 14x / day.

For A LOT of businesses, Facebook is their #1 traffic source.

Not to mention that Facebook has one of the most sophisticated targeting platforms ever built, with more user-submitted data and data points than any other platform.

How you can target on Facebook is amazing...

For example, say, you're a dog walker, you could target: men, 45 and older, who like dogs, are divorced, make over $75k / year, are in your zip code, and are browsing Facebook from the iPhone between the hours of 3 to 5 PM on a Friday.

This ability to target people with pin-point accuracy, along with Facebook's sheer volume of traffic makes Facebook one of the most scalable and cost-effective advertising platforms in the world.

Knowing all of this, the real question is -- why wouldn't you be growing your business through Facebook?

Are You Ready For An Avalanche of Leads?

Listen, if you're not advertising on Facebook, you're missing out...

But today, you can change all of that!

Today, I'm going to offer you something you've NEVER gotten before, period

I'm going to offer you a FREE Facebook strategy call.

This is a 30-minute call, where we will review your current landing pages, offers, sales funnels & goals.

Then, I'm going to offer you a few strategies that you can implement immediately to help bring in more sales or traffic right away.

So, why would I do this for FREE?
#1 - Because WE LOVE growing businesses
#2 - Because we are REALLY good at this
#3 - Because we have a sneaky, ulterior motive

Want My Personal Help?

Fill out the form below to reserve a free 30-minute Facebook consultation.nnSerious applicants only - answer the questions below fully or your appointment will be cancelled.

strat·e·gy  / 'stradəjē'
noun: a plan of action or policy designed to achieve a major or overall aim.

We have been called crazy before, but we have a plan...

So, what's our sneaky, ulterior motive?

It's simple - we know by the end of the call that you'll LOVE the advice we give you so much that you'll want to continue doing business with us.

This call is entirely RISK-FREE & there is absolutely no obligation for you to do business with us after this call  -- but once we get on the phone together, you'll know that hiring us is an investment that will pay for itself OVER and OVER -- especially when you see what we can do.

So, worse case, after this call, you'll be left valuable insights that you can deploy yourself immediately, or...

Better yet, you'll LOVE the strategy we give you SO MUCH that you will hire us right on the spot to immediately put this strategy to work for you!

This FREE Consultation isn't for EVERYONE

We get approached A LOT about helping people with their Facebook campaigns; and because of this, we have created a very specific and reasonable set of qualifications for the people that I work with.

This FREE consultation is NOT for:

#1 -- People who DON'T want to grow their business;

#2 -- People who don't have existing traffic to their website or a steady flow of customers;

#3 -- People who aren't willing to put in a little bit of work to grow their business, whether it means creating new offers, getting testimonials from their customers, or something else that might help our overall campaigns;

#4 -- People who aren't willing to invest money into their business to MAKE a WHOLE LOT MORE!

So, if you think you qualify and are ready, secure a FREE & confidential call today!

Spots are Limited. Reserve Your Call Now!

This FREE call with me or a member of my staff is unprecedented, and isn't something we can continue to do. Because of the time & effort we put into each call and campaign analysis, I am only able to open up our FREE services to a handful of clients at a time.

To secure your phone call, click the "Reserve My Free Confidential Call" button below...if you don't, you're likely to miss out on this incredible opportunity.

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  • q-iconHow long does the call take?

    Our initial call will take approximately 30 minutes. Within that time, I will give you insights that will help you immediately bring in more sales.

  • q-iconHow much are your consulting services?

    I offer my consulting services for A LOT less than the cost of in-house employee or most ad agencies. I have ongoing consulting packages that start as low as $640 / month — but if you’re like most of my clients, you’ll make A LOT more than that in your 1st month working with me.

  • q-iconDo you do anything else besides Facebook advertising?

    Yes. While Facebook is our favorite advertising platform because of its scale & targeting — we are also Infusionsoft Certified Partners. The two are a one-two punch when it comes follow-up, automation and follow-through.

  • q-iconHow soon can I expect improved results?

    We can typically improve someone campaigns in minutes after looking at it; and you should be able to see improved results in your first or second week. That said, if you are looking scale or grow a campaign, it might take a bit longer depending on your budget — but typically with campaigns looking to scale, you’ll see improved results in 4 to 6 weeks.